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The Ontario Genealogical Society acts as the voice of Ontario genealogists on issues that could impact the ability of genealogists to find their families and preserve and share our common heritage. The following are some of the issues the Society feels strongly about, and the work we are doing. Please consider getting involved and adding your voice to the chorus.


The Society’s Webinars are open to all free of charge for the live presentation. Webinars will be recorded and will be available shortly after the live date for Members to access by logging in to the website and clicking on the Education tab and selecting “Recorded Webinars”.


The Society learned that the City of Toronto had a current interest in the site of the former Fegan Boys Distributing Home at 295 George St. in the City of Toronto. The structure was damaged by fire in 2012. Many of the boys passing through these walls left their mark by way of inscribing their names and the dates of their stays on the bricks. These names are still visible.

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